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by Run Dorothy

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released July 30, 2016

Photos by Aia Solis
Design and layout by Dee Cruz

Guitars recorded by Juju Maglacas at Aural Canvas Records
Vocals and drums recorded by JP Verona at WombWorks Audio Production
Mixed and Mastered by Juju Maglacas at Aural Canvas Records

All tracks written, arranged, and performed by Run Dorothy

Released under A Spur of the Moment Project



all rights reserved


Run Dorothy Marikina, Philippines

5-piece chicken band from the eastern metro | PHILIPPINES

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Track Name: Ghosts
Walked straight with whispers and shivers, heading nowhere.
Maybe I've lost what I don't know.
Maybe I was lost all along.
The cool blue breeze of the night is piercing through my sleeves and it's tearing through my skin
Should I keep silent or let it peel this heavy disguise that braces me.

Held to the memories drifting away
with eyes closed I could still see through everything.

Skimmed through the pages
Tracing the fading lines before it all disappears.

Ran across a darkened hall that lead to this unsettling crash of moments.
With phrases that completely erases the color from these spaces.
A reel that's missing interesting scenes.

Like a spark of light illuminating beating hearts, a ghost that played as the wind,
glided as it embraced me.
Ignite a spark of light, illuminate the hollowed hearts. A ghost that's capturing the shallow sound of your breathing.

Of your breathing.

Maybe I was lost all along.
Track Name: Measures
Can I keep it at bay?
Can I hold off the sentence and delay the decisions you made?
Can I stop the wheels from turning even if you've set you track?
What good will it make if I pretend and ignore this?
Keep my tongue tied 'til you're gone

Kindled flame put out by water dripping from the holes we made
Convoluted conversations are dreary
A tired heart that's bleak and weary
Place it in a box
And brush it aside
Is this goodbye?
Bid your goodbyes

A long road measured by heartbeats
A sound that leads us close back home
A violent wind that keeps the distance in between the calming waves
A second slate a chance to win again

I will sort it out
And I will sort it out.
Track Name: Blankets
White walls that kept the secrets and all the whispers underneath the linens
That brush against my feet

White noise ringing to the rhythm of a clock that's ticking
And singing me to sleep

Blank stares at the ceiling
Lie down, just keep breathing
Goodnight, sleep tight
Eyes closed, hope this dream would not end

Yet the cold still crept around the room
that you used to keep warm
And this blanket's too short

Creases of the sheets on the right side of the bed
And this pillow is no longer familiar

This blanket's too short
Track Name: Spaces
How do I get away?
When hiding isn't the safest place anymore.
Peering through a tiny hole
Streaks of light glared into my eye.

A slight breeze at the back of my neck
Is calling the drumbeats on my chest.
Nervously gasping and grasping for air.
Feeding the rhythm of my pulse.

Where can I?
How do I?
When hiding isn't a great tale to be told.
I try.

With a handful of courage I pry
At the gradient of colors that unfold.
I try.

Pulled by the sea.
Waves crashing on my feet.
Pieces scattered.
The water's found me.
Track Name: Frontiers
Without uncertainty, I choose to finish this story
Keep it somewhere out of reach,
Until the pages yellow
And in time, I'll clear the dust off these letters.
But for now, I'll move ahead and cross these waters.
As for now, I move ahead and cross these waters.

To brave the world alone
I may have been lost, but now I am willing.

Weightless, sailed for hours on end
Fragile ripples, covering the past
I'm weightless, sailed for hours on end

I'm weightless, sailing towards the end